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Dingo Design Pet Sitting Contract Agreement


This is a contract between Dingo Design Pet Sitting  (hereafter called “Kennel”) and pet owner (hereafter called “Owner”). 

1. Owner agrees to pay the agreed upon service rates per day for boarding. Owner also agrees to pay all costs and charges associated with any agreed upon special treatments or care to be provided for the animal during the animal’s boarding period. Owner further agrees to pay for any additional services requested such as grooming, drop-off, and/or pick-up service. All services must be paid in full before dog will be released to client

2. Owner further agrees to pay all veterinary costs that may be required in conjunction with the health of the pet. If pet becomes ill or if pet requires medical attention, Kennel may engage the services of a veterinarian or administer medicine, which expenses thereof shall be paid by Owner. If Owners veterinarian is unavailable and immediate attention is required, Kennel will secure the services of a veterinarian of its choice at Owners expense.  

3. I understand certain “activities” that my dog may participate in, including daycare, boarding, one-on-one play, movement within and outside the facility, and transportation to and from boarding facility involve risk and possible injury, including but not limited to:
· Exposure to parasites, viruses, and other medical conditions passed from dog-to-dog or person-to-dog; (All boarders are required to be vaccinated and wormed but the aforementioned can be carried in on any animals feet if they were exposed at a different place)
· Sprains, strains, bites, broken bones, fatigue, dehydration, nicks, cuts, etc. 
· Pertaining to old pets or pets in poor health. Kennel cannot be held liable for pet’s well being in situations where pet is old or in questionable health because of the stress that can occur simply from being placed in an alternative living arrangement.

4. Kennel agrees to exercise excellent care and attention for the pet delivered to Kennel. This includes supervised play, a loving and safe home environment and all natural home made pet treats (if Owner allows).

5. Owner confirms that each pet is current on all necessary vaccinations and if requested, Owner shall present proof of all vaccinations, shots, etc. to Kennel upon initial boarding of the pet. 

6. All charges incurred by Owner that have not been paid in advance shall be payable upon pick-up. If Owner is engaging the services of Kennel for the first time, then Kennel reserves the right to charge the normal per day charges in full prior to boarding. If you pay via check and it is returned due to insufficient funds there will be a $30 NSF Fee payable immediately and Kennel will only accept cash in any further transactions. 

7. This Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties. All terms and conditions of this Contract shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, personal representatives and assigns of the Owner and Kennel.

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Signature of Owner                                         Date                                       Initials of admitting agent


We will feed your pet according to the schedule used for all of our boarders. If your pet requires a different feeding regimen, please list those requirements on this form. Pets will have full access to yard for supervised play.  

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Pet Name:_____________________

Breed: ______________  

Age: ______ Spayed/Nuetered: _____

Pet’s veterinarian: _________________Phone number: ________________

Emergency contact: ________________Phone number: ________________

Phone number where you can be reached while away: _________________

Feeding instructions: 

What kind of food?: ______________

How much should we feed your pet?________________

Will your pet have any personal items while boarding with us?:


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